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Limit State Design

Theoretical and practical problems with limit state design and partial safety factors.

Statistical Quality Control

Problems with statistical quality control rules and characteristic strength definitions.

Engineering History

Historic structures, the history of structural theory and the story of polymath Thomas Young, who gave us Young’s Modulus.


Eurocodes: practical issues for UK engineers and the problems and anomalies in current Eurocodes.

Codes of Practice

The development of UK Codes of Practice and technical issues in codes such as BS 8110, BS 5950 and BS 6399-2.

Health & Safety

Construction safety and the CDM Regulations

Technical papers on a variety of engineering subjects.
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Technical Papers

Reinforced Concrete Design

RC design including slender columns and span/depth ratios for beams.

Structural Steel Design

Structural steel design and anomalies in steel design codes.