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Engineering history

*  ‘Skyhooks at 18 foot centres: strengthening a precast OPC/HAC concrete frame at Hattersley Heaton, Nottingham’, The Structural Engineer, 2nd January 1996.

*  ‘Who Invented Young’s Modulus?’, The Structural Engineer, 18th July 2000. (Presented at joint meeting of IStructE and ICE Yorkshire branches, 20th January 1999, IStructE Sir Arnold Waters Medal)

*  ‘The Leaning Towers of Adel: stabilising the Seven Arches Aqueduct’, The Structural Engineer, 7th May 2002, pp. 27-33 (presented at meeting of Yorkshire IStructE, 21st February 2001). (ICE Historic Bridge Awards 2000 joint winner).

* ‘Thomas Young and the theory of structures, 1807-2007’, The Structural Engineer 4th Dec. 2007,  pp. 43-47.

* A history of the safety factors’, The Structural Engineer 89 (20), 18th October 2011, pp. 20-26.

* Institution of Structural Engineers webinar May 2020 ‘The Design of Slender Columns: from Euler to Eurocodes’                                                 LINK