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BSP Formula for Bottom-driven Cased Piles

The BSP pile driving formula was empirically derived for the design of bottom-driven steel cased piles. BSP Notes CP25 and 26 for the use of the formula are reproduced here, converted to metric units.

The paper by Cornfield which described the derivation of the formula and presented a comparison with test results is reproduced here.

These are reproduced here by kind permission of BSP International Foundations Ltd


Piling and underpinning

Hiley Pile Driving Formula

Although dynamic pile driving formulae give a less accurate assessment of pile capacity than geotechnical design in accordance with BS8004, they are still widely used. However current codes of practice no longer give details. BS8004’s predecessor, CP4 gave detailed recommendations for application of the Hiley formula for top-driven piles and these are reproduced here, converted to metric units.

Piling and underpinning in the 21st century - solving problems or burying mistakes?

Notes on the state of the art of foundation design, piling and underpinning with advice on techniques and details of problems and issues to engineers need to be aware of.